HEART SHAPED SCOTCH (ABV: 9.2%, IBU: 19) This big Scottish Ale is defined by rich malt flavors, low bitterness and a slight roastiness. With hints of toffee and a slight alcohol warmth, you might actually think it's winter! For the third installment in our Staff Christmas Beer Series, we bring to you a strong Scotch Ale. Maintaining the trend of high alcohol content beers, Heart Shaped Scotch might be the biggest of them all with a 9.2% ABV!! The name is an ironic homage to Nirvana (we do NOT play Nirvana songs in the brewery!). Grant Capone is the brewer for this beer. He works as a bartender in the Beer Garden as well as helps out on the brewery floor with bottling operations. Grant is our


BRACKISH BALTIC PORTER (ABV: 8.6%, IBU: 41) A dose of Magnum hops provides a mild bitter finish following a sweet, richness in this dark and robust porter. The second of our Staff Christmas Beer Series, this Baltic Porter gets it's name from the dark, murky waters of the Baltic Sea. It's Baltic classification comes from its strong alcohol content of 8.6%. Apparently, the staff here at Second Line likes to make boozy beers! The brewer, Ross Hedrick, is our Packaging Expert here at Second Line – making sure the beer hits the bottles perfectly. Originally from New Orleans, he earned his chops in the beer industry at Pikes Peak Brewery in Monument, Colorado working his way up from a “keg monkey”

"Tom Hanks-Giving" at Second Line

Some friends of Second Line Brewing have a yearly tradition of celebrating Tom Hanks-Giving on the 4th Thursday of November. We love this idea and are bringing it to our Beer Garden for the next two weeks. Starting this Wednesday, November 16th, we will be serving up "You've Got Pale," "A League of Their Brown," "That Thing You Fruit" and other fantastically bad Tom Hank/Beer puns. This will coincide with our screening of the Tom Hanks classic, "Big," outside at 7pm. We will carry this theme into next week, when we will be showing "Toy Story" at 7pm on Wednesday, November 23rd - the Eve of Tom Hanks-Giving. School's out, so bring the kids for this family-friendly event and, while you're here


GRANITE STATE MAPLE OAT (ABV: 7.9%, IBU: 23) Real New Hampshire maple syrup adds a smooth sweetness to this Dark Oatmeal Ale. The first of our Staff Christmas Beer Series, this Oatmeal beer didn't quite make the cut as a stout, but maintains a dark rich color. Actually, it looks like maple syrup and it tastes like maple syrup, but, be careful, this packs a wallop with a 7.9% ABV! The brewer, Abby Willets, is our Brand Manager at Second Line. She kind of fell into this position after working as the Beer Garden Manager for almost a year. Abby has lived in New Orleans for 4 years but originally hails from New Hampshire - hence the beer name (fun facts: NH is known as The Granite State and it's

The 10 Beers of Christmas

A few weeks ago, the Second Line staff was sitting around, enjoying the fruits of our labor - aka: drinking beer. Gar, our brew master, brought up the holiday season and suggested that each of the employees brew their own beer to share with each other and our customers. We would reserve a keg of the different beers to bottle - with each employee getting two bottles. The rest would be sold out of the tap room. The caveat was that the staff had to do all the work, under the guidance of the brewing team, of course, so that we could all get a better understanding of the product and the process. As the beers roll out into the beer garden, we will be profiling the brewer and the beer so that ya'l

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