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MERMAID WATER (IBU: 13, ABV: 4.9) A traditional German-style Hefeweizen using 50% wheat and a yeast that presents itself with notes of banana and clove.

The lightest of the Christmas Beers so far, Mermaid Water stays true to the Hefeweizen style of beer. “Why Mermaid Water?” you may ask. Well, the brewer is our resident expert on all things water, Sara Stewart.

Sara just completed her degree in Earth & Environmental Science with a concentration on Coastal Studies at the University of New Orleans. In fact, her graduation ceremony takes place the afternoon her beer goes on tap in the beer garden!!

Sara can be found sailing, fishing, kayaking and making sporadic dolphin noises. She likes to collect rocks from her travels as well as others'.

She has been with Second Line since the beginning, working as a bartender in the beer garden. Sara is stronger than she looks and her laughter is infectious.

This Jersey girl moved down south to Alabama and then on to New Orleans on a whim. She enrolled in school, fell in love with the city and looks like she is here to stay!

Everyone at Second Line knows that a Hefeweizen is Sara's favorite kind of beer. She says, “Having been to Germany has spoiled and ruined me.”

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