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Independent Thinker, Independent Drinker

Craft breweries have helped to change the economic and social landscape of towns and cities all across the United States. Over the next seven days we come together to celebrate craft beer, the people who brew and support it, and the spirit of independence and community that lies at its core. To us, this seemed like a good opportunity to underscore the community aspect of craft beer. So please let us introduce three independent thinkers in our community who choose to drink independent local craft beer.

Meet Aaron Frumin, Founder and Executive Director of unCommon Construction, independent thinker and independent craft beer drinker. In 2015 Aaron had the vision to create a non-profit that utilizes the construction process to enhance learning and empower youth in a hands-on learning environment. Participating apprentices join a diverse team to earn hourly pay and school credit for building a house in a semester. Upon the sale of each home, apprentices also earn a matching "Equity Award" scholarship for further education, industry certifications or the tools they need for a full time job. Today, unCommon Construction has seen over 60 students participate in their apprenticeship program resulting in five houses being completed and over $80,000 in net pay and Equity Awards.

For Aaron, "one of the most important ways that we engage with our community, partners, volunteers and supporters happens off the build site - and, in our industry, so many of those opportunities to celebrate and reflect happen by sharing a beer together. At unCommon Construction, our local craft breweries have been hugely supportive in fostering meaningful connections through our work and mission because they share our independent spirit and see the value in connecting in authentic and community-centered spaces."

Say "Hello" to Sophie Harris Vorhoff, Executive Director of the Friends of the Lafitte Greenway, independent thinker and independent craft beer drinker.

The Lafitte Greenway is the backbone of New Orleans growing bike network. It all began with a couple friends watching workers pull up ties on a long-abandoned railroad line running through their Mid-City New Orleans neighborhood, and it sparked an idea: to transform this vacant land into a new park and path for their community. What began in the minds of a couple independent thinkers grew into a community-wide advocacy organization to create a new public space that would connect people to the outdoors and to each other.

We asked Sophie for her thoughts regarding the importance of local independent craft beer and here is what she said: “The Greenway is about bringing people together, and there is no better place to end our biggest annual community event--the Hike the Lafitte Greenway--than at Second Line Brewing--an independent local brewery with people that care, that understand our cause, and that are committed to creating a welcoming space to celebrate the best of our community and to bring people together.”

This is Grant Estrade. He and his wife Kate own Laughing Buddha Nurseryand Local Cooling Farms.

Grant and Kate are definitely independent thinkers and independent craft beer drinkers.

Utilizing spent grain from Second Line Brewing and Brieux Carré Brewing Company , Kate and Grant produce environmentally-responsible livestock using methods that sequester carbon in order to rebuild the ecosystem on their farm.

For Grant "the Independent spirit that is found within craft brewing is a combination of art and manufacturing. This creativity and hard work serves as a basis of any successful community." For Second Line Brewing it's great to know that we are working with a business that also believes in the importance of connecting and providing for the community in an environmentally-responsible manner.

So as we begin American Craft Beer Week 2018, please remember that when you support local independent craft beer, you're supporting so much more then just a brewery. Look for the Independent Craft seal and be an independent drinker.



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