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Our new labels for Batture and IPA arrived earlier this week and you may notice something different on them in the form of the “Certified Independent Craft” stamp. This emblem was recently rolled out by the trade group that supports craft brewers, the Brewers Association. Why? Well to help you the consumer, figure out which beer is craft and which beer is actually owned by a handful of conglomerates who consider you their "target demographic".

Why is this distinction so important? Well flash back 30 years ago and think about what the local craft beer section in the grocery store looked like. To be honest, there wasn’t one. Since then, independent and hearty souls have been laying it all on the line to pursue their dream of creating unique and flavorful beers intended to be shared and enjoyed with likeminded individuals. As a consumer, you now enjoy more beer variety then at any other point in history due to independent local craft brewers, not some suits who think craft beer "is an excellent growth opportunity".

The people who own and work at local craft breweries likely shop at the same grocery store as you, send their kids to school with yours and intimately appreciate that they are part of a community. Not just any community, your community. As such, you will find that local craft breweries not only make beer and create jobs; they also support local organizations and charities with the aim of improving where we all live. And when you buy a local craft beer, the money from the sale of that beer stays in your community. It doesn’t go overseas. It stays here.

So the next time you go out to your favorite bar or restaurant, please ask for a local, independently-owned craft beer. Makin’ groceries? Well look for the Certified Independent Craft emblem as you scope out the craft beer section and be sure to let the manager of the store know that you buy local craft; and if you are feeling bold, ask that manager to give more refrigerated space to your local craft breweries.



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