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Below is a list of beers we have released in large batches and in cans. For our current menu, which includes Beer Garden only releases, please visit our BeerMenus page by clicking here.

Current BEERS

Batture Blonde Ale - (ABV 5.2%, IBUs 11)  Light, crisp, and refreshing, Batture Blonde Ale is a super clean, easy drinking beer that goes well with seafood, barbeque, you name it. Brewed with Pilsner malt, and Noble hops, this ale is a great go-to beer for any occasion. Available in 6-pack 12oz cans and bottles, and ⅙ bbl kegs. 

Bock ON! - (ABV: 8%  IBUs 21)  A smooth, classic Dopplebock. A Food friendly beer with a lightly toasted, slightly sweet malty flavor. Bock On! is a full bodied and strong, and pours a beautiful mahogany color.  Click here to download a Bock On! poster!  Available in 4-pack 16oz cans and ⅙ bbl kegs.

CEASE TO lOVE - (ABV: 9.8%  IBUs 58) Bourbon Barrel-aged Russian Imperial Stout with toasted coconut. Intense aroma of toasted coconut, a bit of bourbon, and slice of heaven. This full-bodied brew is perfect for chilly nights and holiday parties - sharing with friends.

Available in 22 oz Bombers , 1/6  bbl kegs.

Coffee Blonde - (ABV: 5.2.  IBUs: 11) This beer packs in TONS of coffee flavor. Different coffee blends and vanilla bean make this a refreshing and satisfying all-day drinker that doesn't sacrifice taste. This particular batch of Coffee Blonde is made with a coffee blend with cinnamon and vanilla. 
Available in 6-pack 12oz cans , 1/6  bbl kegs.

MSY Common Lager - (ABV 6%, IBUs 35) A full bodied Beer with a capital “B.” This brew has a rich malty backbone, and a crisp bitter blend of Czech Saaz, German Hallertau Blanc, and New Zealand Moutere hops. Available in 6-pack 12oz cans , 1/6 & 1/2  bbl kegs.

Nectaron Collider - Juicy hazy IPA (ABV:7.7%, IBUs 11)  M
ade with much anticipated Necatron hops hailing from New Zealand. These hops are the sister of Waimea and have a HUGE tropical fruit flavor: Pineapple, Passionfruit, Peach and Grapefruit Available in 4 -pack 16oz cans  and ⅙ bbl kegs

Pour With Vigor - (ABV 5%, IBUs 20) A classic Czech style Pilsner. Simple yet elegant. Made from European Pilsner malt and Czech Saaz hops, lagered to perfection for five weeks. Our first large batch Pilsner is named in honor of Charlie Bamforth, AKA “The Pope of Foam.” Charlie is a former Professor of Malting and Brewing Sciences at UC Davis, and is known for telling beer drinkers to “Pour with vigor,” to create an aromatic and pleasing head of foam. 

Available in 6-pack 12oz cans and ⅙ bbl kegs.


Saison Named Desire - (ABV 5.7%, IBUs 29) Brewed with organic orange zest and Moro Blood Orange, this refreshing saison packs some serious citrus flavor. Our own special saison yeast blend provides a clean, fruit-forward complexity to this refreshing and approachable saison. Available in 6-pack 12oz cans and ⅙ bbl kegs.

Vacation Juice hazy ipa - (ABV 6.8%, IBUs 24) Vacation Juice is our haziest, juiciest IPA to date! Packed full of Citra, Idaho-7, Motueka, Wai-iti, and Mosaic hops, this brew has lots of tropical fruit flavor and a soft mouthfeel. When you just need a vacation, grab a Vacation Juice! Available in 6-pack 12oz cans and ⅙ bbl kegs. Click here to download a Vacation Juice poster!

West Coast IPA - (ABV 6.5%, IBUs 50) A classic, the style that started it all. Clean and clear with a hop presence of pine and citrus, finishing with a crisp and assertive bitterness that keeps you coming back for another sip. New Orleans’ only locally brewed and distributed West Coast IPA. Available in 6-pack 12oz cans and bottles, and ⅙ bbl kegs. 

annual releases

COMING SOON - 2023 canned releases: 

FRUITED VACATION jUICE  -  You read that right - we're adding fruit to our one of fan favorite styles. Stay tuned to our social media platforms to see and learn more the release date and what the fruit flavor combo will be. 


grapefruit radler -  Hot down Sumer in the Humid City calls for a classic refreshing, easy drinking, Grapefruit Radler. Stay tuned to our social media to learn more about the release date and where to find this brew. 

Summer Pilsner - This brew is in development and will be the latest addition to the Pour With Vigor Brand. Think Pour with Vigor but with hops from the Southern Hemisphere: Motueka and Wai-iti. 



taproom only! 


Baltic Porter - (ABV: 8%  IBUs: 40) Baltic Porters have deep malty richness and may have notes of caramel, toffee, and can be reminiscent of plums, prunes, raisins, cherries, or currants. Porters may have notes of coffee, chocolate or licorice with a slightly dry finish. 

Everybody's All American - (ABV: 7.7 IBUs: 23) Everybody's All American is volume 1 of our anniversary beer release. The beer is named after a 1988 film and riffs on the fact that ALL SEVEN of the hops are from America. Hops: Vista, Eldorado, Amarillo, Citra, Simcoe, Mosaic, and  Eukinot. Easy drinking, hop forward - mellow bitter finish is attributed to dry hopping. Cheers to 7 years of good beers.  

Juicy Beaucoup - (ABV: 6% IBUs 10)
 is a dry hopped (hops: wai-iti, Motueka, El Dorado) thiolized Hazy IPA. Thiolized refers to the type of yeast strain that was used in the brewing process. This strain promotes the presence of thiols which in turn produce tropical fruit flavors, specifically passionfruit. This brew has both passionfruit and pink guava flavors. 

Lemongrass Ginger Witbier - (ABV 6% IBUs 10) 
This is a classic Witbier with a backbone of Pilsner Malt and Wheat that is infused with fresh Lemongrass and Ginger. 


Maple Coffee Porter - (ABV: 8  IBUs 35) Baltic style Porter with Maple and coffee.

Parade Pounder Pilsner - (ABV 4.7%   IBUs 14) - A single, dry-hopped Pilsner that is soft and easy drinking with notes of melon and lime. Coming in at 4.7% ABV this brew is an all day brew, perfect for carnival (day drinking) season. Hop: Motueka. 

Red Vienna- COMING SOON!  We're still lagering this brew but in general Red Viennas have a slightly toasty malt backbone, with minimal caramel/toffee notes. Hop presence is balanced with slight hop bitterness on the finish and the body is light to medium making this style smooth, delicious, and easy drinking. 

Yeah U Ripe -  COMING SOON! New Flavor in the Yeah U Ripe series: Salted Watermelon Sour. Spring has Sprung and we're ready to roll into Festival Season and Summer with this Watermelon margarita inspired sour!


Britely Ginger Berry  (ABV 4.5% IBUs 0) 

A smooth, easy-drinking a gluten free Hybrid Hard Seltzer with a healthy dose of strawberries and ginger.

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