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BREAD (IBU:17, ABV: 7.1%) With the addition of cardamom, this Rye Ale is little bit sweet and a little bit spicy with a toasty, bready finish.

The brewer of this beer is our actual Brewmaster, Gar Hatcher. Gar got his brewing chops from Lazy Magnolia and Bayou Teche before joining Second Line just over a year ago. Gar is a man of few words, and we will respect that here. Gar is also a man of few pictures. However, we have included a teaser image of a label for an upcoming beer release featuring his likeness!

Gar frankly states, “This beer is an homage to the original beer style: bread.”

Gar is a bit of a curmudgeon – but we love him just the same! After all, we couldn't make beer without him!

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