PLAQUEMINES ALE (IBU: 25, ABV: 5.2%) Fresh persimmons bring this juicy, light ale a subtle tartness. To conclude the Christmas beer series, we've got a light and refreshing persimmon ale to ring in the new year. The inspiration for the Plaquemines Ale goes back all the way to the birth of New Orleans. Ridgely Dorsey, Second Line's beer garden manager, was born in New Orleans and grew up across Lake Pontchartrain in Covington, Louisiana. After studying at LSU in Baton Rouge, Ridgely spent a brief time building cabinets and fine furniture and later in the solar energy industry. He's since transferred to Tulane to study history. Ridgely is passionate about Louisiana history and loves getting th


CHRISTMAS TIME IS HERE (IBU: 40, ABV: 6.1%) A light and refreshing pale ale, with a citrus hop profile and a piney, yet sweet, herbal flavor from the addition of juniper berries. The most Christmas-y of the Christmas beers comes right in time! Brought to you by Joey Laura, our Sales Manager at Second Line Brewing, this Juniper Pale Ale is sure to get you in the holiday spirit! Joey is as local as local gets. Born and raised in Mid-City New Orleans, he still resides there today – just a 3 minute walk from the brewery. As our Sales Manager, he loves meeting new people and forming relationships with bar managers and restaurant owners across the city. He's seriously kicked some ass since beginni


MERMAID WATER (IBU: 13, ABV: 4.9) A traditional German-style Hefeweizen using 50% wheat and a yeast that presents itself with notes of banana and clove. The lightest of the Christmas Beers so far, Mermaid Water stays true to the Hefeweizen style of beer. “Why Mermaid Water?” you may ask. Well, the brewer is our resident expert on all things water, Sara Stewart. Sara just completed her degree in Earth & Environmental Science with a concentration on Coastal Studies at the University of New Orleans. In fact, her graduation ceremony takes place the afternoon her beer goes on tap in the beer garden!! Sara can be found sailing, fishing, kayaking and making sporadic dolphin noises. She likes to col


BREAD (IBU:17, ABV: 7.1%) With the addition of cardamom, this Rye Ale is little bit sweet and a little bit spicy with a toasty, bready finish. The brewer of this beer is our actual Brewmaster, Gar Hatcher. Gar got his brewing chops from Lazy Magnolia and Bayou Teche before joining Second Line just over a year ago. Gar is a man of few words, and we will respect that here. Gar is also a man of few pictures. However, we have included a teaser image of a label for an upcoming beer release featuring his likeness! Gar frankly states, “This beer is an homage to the original beer style: bread.” Gar is a bit of a curmudgeon – but we love him just the same! After all, we couldn't make beer without


GINGER SNAP BROWN ALE (IBU: 24, ABV: 7.6%) A bready brown ale brought to life with fresh ginger and a sweetened cinnamon making it reminiscent of its namesake cookie. This Staff Christmas Beer has holiday written all over it! It is the kind of beer you want to drink in front of a fireplace – or a heat lamp, in our case! The brewer, Lucas Robinson, is quite familiar with the process, as he has been working as Second Line's cellar man for almost a year now. One of our longest tenured employees, Lucas started working in the beer garden when it opened and can still be found, long flowing hair and all, on most Friday nights as a bartender. Lucas came to New Orleans from Leavenworth, Washington, w


UNCLE JOE (IBU: 28, ABV: 10%) 10 pounds of figs combine with the fruity, spicy flavors of a Saison yeast to make this potent beer. It has a clean, dry finish, with a hint of boozy warmth. The beers keep on getting bigger as we move forward with our Staff Christmas Beer Series. The latest is a fig Saison brought to you by our fearless leader, Mark Logan. Mark is one of the owners at Second Line Brewing – a dream that began in Alaska, where his wife, Karen, was temporarily assigned for work. As with every idea they have, Mark and Karen followed through when they returned to New Orleans, opening Second Line in late 2015. Mark is very busy at the brewery, whether repairing our bottling machine o

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