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Why is a Growler a Growler?

No one quite knows where the term “growler” came from in regards to beer. There are lots of theories:

1.) The original growler was a metal pail with a lid. The lid would bang around when carried creatin

g a ruckus. I think this one is a stretch. That being said, I suppose if someone were banging on a metal pail when I was trying to sleep – I would certainly growl!

2.) Another explanation is that customers would often argue with the barkeep about how much beer was put in their pail. I get that. Though, in this situation, we could be selling a “whiner” at the brewery instead of a “growler.”

3.) Some say that growlers of beer were often delivered (by children!) during lunch time and that the buyer's stomachs would be making the rumbling sound that you get when you are hungry and sitting in a quiet room so that everyone turns and looks at you as though their stomach has never growled...but I digress.

Here at Second Line Brewing, we have our own theory as to where the term came from. As you may or may not know, brewmasters are a particular sort. Leave a mess on the brew floor? They'll growl at you. Ask them a question while they are measuring grains – growl. Say “good morning” before they have finished their coffee – big growl.

We have run out of bottles of our Imperial Rye IPA: Alryte Alryte Alryte, which features the likeness of our brewmaster, Gar. In honor of him, we are now offering growlers (64 ounces!!) of Alryte Alryte Alryte in the beer garden. These are sure to turn anyone's frown upside down!

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