What's In A Name?

We are introducing two new beers at the beer garden this weekend: Son of Mark IPA and Big Deb 1.0. While our tap list on our website and Facebook can tell you about the style and flavor profile of these beers, we'd like to take some time to tell you their stories.

Son of Mark IPA

In the spirit of the hip hop community in the 90's, there are west coast IPAs and there are east coast IPAs (and a bunch of others in between). The trendy east coast IPA is less of a hop bomb than the west coast style and focuses more on big juicy, citrus flavors. Alongside, this beer is often hazy, a result of being unfiltered and unfined (note: fining is the clarification process using non-animal based agents that are vegan-friendly!).

Beers at Second Line often go through a few iterations of names. During production, this IPA was referred to as, “They Call Me Juicy.” We then played around with synonyms of hazy: nebulous, obfuscate... Nothing seemed to fit quite right. But as many things happen around here, the staff was sampling this new IPA and had an “a-ha moment.” Owners, Mark and Karen, have an 8-year old son named Hayes. Hayes sounds like “haze.” Ta-da! We h