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CHRISTMAS TIME IS HERE (IBU: 40, ABV: 6.1%) A light and refreshing pale ale, with a citrus hop profile and a piney, yet sweet, herbal flavor from the addition of juniper berries.

The most Christmas-y of the Christmas beers comes right in time! Brought to you by Joey Laura, our Sales Manager at Second Line Brewing, this Juniper Pale Ale is sure to get you in the holiday spirit!

Joey is as local as local gets. Born and raised in Mid-City New Orleans, he still resides there today – just a 3 minute walk from the brewery. As our Sales Manager, he loves meeting new people and forming relationships with bar managers and restaurant owners across the city. He's seriously kicked some ass since beginning about 4 months ago – Second Line beer is featured in more establishments than ever before!

Joey is our resident cheese and food expert. He came to us from St. James Cheese Company, but it's his kitchen where he gets the most motivation. He loves experimenting with new and unfamiliar ingredients, makes some mean habanero bitters and isn't afraid to pickle anything! He's also a film and music nerd and writes for Antigravity and has a few films playing in festivals around the country. I believe it is safe to say that Joey is quite the Renaissance Man!!

Joey continues to be amazing as a parent to 5 year old, Alexandra. Also a food expert, Alexandra enjoys ice cream, pizza and sour patch kids. She can occasionally be found finishing up her homework just in time for Movie Night at the brewery.

“I had heard of a juniper IPA before, and since juniper is one of my favorite spices, I really wanted to try that style of beer. Gar, our brewmaster, mentioned that if I wanted more of a juniper presence than a heavy hop presence to compete with the juniper, then I should think about doing a pale ale. When he let me sample a few different hops, I knew I wanted it to be a Christmas-friendly beer: notes of citrus, white tea, and green peppercorn, like a hot toddy or a warm gin punch. Because of its herbal quality, this beer is for people who love gin cocktails, violet candies, and the smell of a fresh Douglas Fir Christmas tree.” I couldn't have put it better myself, Joey!

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