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HEART SHAPED SCOTCH (ABV: 9.2%, IBU: 19) This big Scottish Ale is defined by rich malt flavors, low bitterness and a slight roastiness. With hints of toffee and a slight alcohol warmth, you might actually think it's winter!

For the third installment in our Staff Christmas Beer Series, we bring to you a strong Scotch Ale. Maintaining the trend of high alcohol content beers, Heart Shaped Scotch might be the biggest of them all with a 9.2% ABV!! The name is an ironic homage to Nirvana (we do NOT play Nirvana songs in the brewery!).

Grant Capone is the brewer for this beer. He works as a bartender in the Beer Garden as well as helps out on the brewery floor with bottling operations. Grant is our resident beer nerd and is awaiting the results of his Cicerone Certification – an indicator of beer knowledge mastery. Grant is native of New Orleans and started home brewing when he received a kit as a gift 6 years ago. Graduating from Mr. Beer brewing kits to his own recipes, Grant came in 3rd at the NOLA On Tap Beer Festival wit his Belgian Double. Now a certified beer judge, you can find him sampling and critiquing other home brewers' work at On Tap, Bayou Beer Fest and other festivals around the state. Grant is known for his throwback t-shirts featuring classic cartoons from the 80's and 90's and he's rapidly becoming an expert on Sesame Street – his 2 year old son, Franklin's, favorite show!

When asked why he chose to make a Scotch Ale, he says, “I love malty beers...big ass malty beers.”

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