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BRACKISH BALTIC PORTER (ABV: 8.6%, IBU: 41) A dose of Magnum hops provides a mild bitter finish following a sweet, richness in this dark and robust porter.

The second of our Staff Christmas Beer Series, this Baltic Porter gets it's name from the dark, murky waters of the Baltic Sea. It's Baltic classification comes from its strong alcohol content of 8.6%. Apparently, the staff here at Second Line likes to make boozy beers!

The brewer, Ross Hedrick, is our Packaging Expert here at Second Line – making sure the beer hits the bottles perfectly. Originally from New Orleans, he earned his chops in the beer industry at Pikes Peak Brewery in Monument, Colorado working his way up from a “keg monkey” to working on the brew floor.

We were lucky to snag him when he returned home to New Orleans with his wife, Shannon, and their two children: Kayden and Kendal.

Ross is an avid swimmer, having competed at the University of Texas and LSU. When he is not at the brewery he is sharing his expertise from the pool as a coach, currently with the Nu Wave Swim Club here in New Orleans.

“A porter is one of my favorite styles and I feel it gets shadowed by the Stouts and the Browns too often. I created this recipe because I find there is nothing like it in the area. This beer will definitely warm you up, so I hope this 'cold' weather sticks around.”

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