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GRANITE STATE MAPLE OAT (ABV: 7.9%, IBU: 23) Real New Hampshire maple syrup adds a smooth sweetness to this Dark Oatmeal Ale.

The first of our Staff Christmas Beer Series, this Oatmeal beer didn't quite make the cut as a stout, but maintains a dark rich color. Actually, it looks like maple syrup and it tastes like maple syrup, but, be careful, this packs a wallop with a 7.9% ABV!

The brewer, Abby Willets, is our Brand Manager at Second Line. She kind of fell into this position after working as the Beer Garden Manager for almost a year. Abby has lived in New Orleans for 4 years but originally hails from New Hampshire - hence the beer name (fun facts: NH is known as The Granite State and it's motto is Live Free or Die - the best motto in the world!). She even had her parents ship the maple syrup used in this beer from the orchard down the street from where she grew up.

Abby likes to build things with wood and sew things with fabric and has been known to renovate party buses around town. She used to be a tournament winning disc golf player, but now just plays casually. She drinks just about anything but leans towards darker beers when given the choice.

"I made this beer because I wanted to share a little piece of home with everyone. This is a beer to drink while wearing a flannel shirt, for certain."

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