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"Tom Hanks-Giving" at Second Line

Some friends of Second Line Brewing have a yearly tradition of celebrating Tom Hanks-Giving on the 4th Thursday of November. We love this idea and are bringing it to our Beer Garden for the next two weeks.

Starting this Wednesday, November 16th, we will be serving up "You've Got Pale," "A League of Their Brown," "That Thing You Fruit" and other fantastically bad Tom Hank/Beer puns. This will coincide with our screening of the Tom Hanks classic, "Big," outside at 7pm.

We will carry this theme into next week, when we will be showing "Toy Story" at 7pm on Wednesday, November 23rd - the Eve of Tom Hanks-Giving. School's out, so bring the kids for this family-friendly event and, while you're here, enjoy a Buzz Light Beer!

We encourage everyone to share their own Tom Hanks puns, dress up as their favorite Tom Hanks character and, of course, join in the grand celebration that is Tom Hanks-Giving!!

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