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GINGER SNAP BROWN ALE (IBU: 24, ABV: 7.6%) A bready brown ale brought to life with fresh ginger and a sweetened cinnamon making it reminiscent of its namesake cookie.

This Staff Christmas Beer has holiday written all over it! It is the kind of beer you want to drink in front of a fireplace – or a heat lamp, in our case!

The brewer, Lucas Robinson, is quite familiar with the process, as he has been working as Second Line's cellar man for almost a year now. One of our longest tenured employees, Lucas started working in the beer garden when it opened and can still be found, long flowing hair and all, on most Friday nights as a bartender.

Lucas came to New Orleans from Leavenworth, Washington, where he worked at Icicle Brewing Company. More importantly, while in Washington, he lived in a van down by the river...seriously. He did.

Lucas is very well traveled, having spent time across the U.S. and Central America. His fondest memories are of scuba diving in Honduras and the time he fought off a bear to save a baby moose in Alaska. Yup. He actually did that, too.

In New Orleans, Lucas can be found riding his bike, reading at a coffee shop or cutting a rug during his swing and tango dance lessons.

When asked why he made this beer, Lucas offered, “After 7 ½ weeks harvesting ginger in the highlands of Uzbekistan...ok, now I'm making stuff up. Honestly, we were sitting around talking about beer and recipes at the brewery and I started coming up with a list of ingredients. It started to sound like a ginger snap cookie, so I went with it.”

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