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UNCLE JOE (IBU: 28, ABV: 10%) 10 pounds of figs combine with the fruity, spicy flavors of a Saison yeast to make this potent beer. It has a clean, dry finish, with a hint of boozy warmth.

The beers keep on getting bigger as we move forward with our Staff Christmas Beer Series. The latest is a fig Saison brought to you by our fearless leader, Mark Logan.

Mark is one of the owners at Second Line Brewing – a dream that began in Alaska, where his wife, Karen, was temporarily assigned for work. As with every idea they have, Mark and Karen followed through when they returned to New Orleans, opening Second Line in late 2015.

Mark is very busy at the brewery, whether repairing our bottling machine or ordering mushrooms (!?) for an experimental beer, he has his hands on everything. Mark Logan is Second Line and Second Line is Mark Logan.

We don't know how he has time, but Mark also works as a Physician's Assistant part time in a urology office. (He jokes that he deals with plumbing both there and at the brewery). He and Karen also have a 7 year old, Hayes, who is a great ball of energy!

If anyone has come to the beer garden, you must be familiar with Mark's baby – his vintage Ural motorcycle (with a sidecar!). Another dream that he followed through on, he does seem to spend as much time working on it as he does riding it!!!

Mark has a very personal reason for choosing a Fig Saison for his Christmas beer. His favorite Uncle Joe was known for his fig preserves - people used to fight over them! “He loved to cook. He loved to drink. He was bigger than life. The first time I drove over 100mph was with Uncle Joe – much to my parents' chagrin. He had a heart of gold, but totally a bad influence.”

Here's to you, Joe! Cheers!!

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