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The Reader and the Hero, or How Star-Crossed Heroes Are Born

A good hero doesn't just appear in a book. A good hero doesn't just "happen" and experience triumphs and defeats, he gives the reader something new by his example, by his story. Yes, first and foremost, the very new emotional experience we talked about at length in "How to Achieve Deep Empathy." But not only that.

A good hero can become a friend, write my essay for me in 3 hours a mentor, even an ideal that the reader will look up to for a lifetime.

This is that height, that higher bar of excellence that any author dreams of conquering. For his characters to become alive. That they enter the lives of readers and change them for the better.

And this height can be conquered by anyone - a professional who has written dozens of books, and the young author, laboriously poring over his first manuscript.



That is the answer most often. For it is difficult to separate into components a truly secret and alchemical process of a hero-star birth - melting of thoughts and feelings of one single person into an image, college essays for sale which is loved by millions. Sometimes against the will of the author himself.

But readers have decided otherwise. And Scarlett O'Hara - the heroine of the first and only book by Margaret Mitchell - became one of the most popular women in American literature. And it remains so until now.

Why is it so? Because of magic? Perhaps.

But I think dissertation help it's quite realistic to highlight a few conditions, compliance with which significantly increases the chances that the hero will turn out to be a star.

What kind of book heroes become stars?

The first and necessary condition is that the hero must be alive.

We've said it many times, and we'll say it again - write living people.

The reader must believe that if they were lucky, they could meet a powerful magician, a misfit warrior, a laughing boy-child, an amusing amateur detective or an edgy lady of age. Meet and befriend. Or admire from afar. Or to say a few words to each other, as to a friend or just a good person.

To achieve this, I remind you, is not too difficult.

When you introduce a character to the reader, don't name qualities and qualities of character, and don't impose your assessment.

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