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Second Line Brewing was founded by Mark and Karen Logan in 2014.  The two are avid craft beer enthusiast and got the idea of opening a brewery in New Orleans while they were on a short term assignment in Anchorage.


Our name is derived from the uniquely New Orleans tradition of second line parades. These parades can trace their origins to jazz funeral customs that began over 100 years ago.

Image by Robson Hatsukami Morgan

The second line parade tradition has grown over the years - now they are held to bring joy to almost any occasion.  Regardless of the event, second line parades remain an unbridled expression of fun and celebration that is uniquely New Orleans. 


For us a starting a brewery was about more than just making beer., it was also about celebrating people and traditions of south Louisiana. Along the way we look forward to having a great deal of fun, making new friends and helping to grow craft beer in our community. 

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